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If you want to recognize your employee, celebrate your clients or promote your company culture, but you have no idea about how to do it, EverLighten will be your best choice. We can offer professional one – stop custom promotional items and cooperate gift solution services from idea to design to production to shipping.

EverLighten is proud to provide super high quality custom promotional products, gifts, and merchandise to global markets. Our mission is to make high-quality customized promotional items easier to any corporate clients. We design for manufacture and take products from concept to market. Our team of experts holds a wealth of knowledge and creativity and will always make sure to bring you the latest trends so your gifts will be innovative and fresh.


We will do detailed research involving the core services of our customers and the target customers to create a better defined product tailored to the brand and suitable for the target customers.
Marketing and Design team join forces to ideas. A project manager will help facilitate discussions. Each brainstorm session yields around 15-20 sketches and ideas according to the customer's brand, budget and needs.
Sketches are transformed digitally to simulate a more realistic visualization. Concept ideas are made into presentation slides for clients to vet and validate.
We work at the best interest of our clients. After getting feedback from clients, we make the necessary adjustments to the designs or alternatively pitch more different ideas.
After the customer is satisfied with our solution, we will provide a quotation.
Once the quotation is approved, we will start making physical samples. We will revise the sample as many times as needed until you are fully pleased with the sample.
After the sample is approved, we will proceed with production right away. We only use the best material to make products and we inspect every single in-process item to ensure every detail is fine!
We also assign a dedicated order management specialist to monitor the progress of your order to ensure the production goes smoothly and everything is on track!
Our Quality Control managers are well equipped with knowledge and tools to assure that your mass manufacturing process is done accurately and with high quality. Our experienced and professional quality control specialist will inspect every single item to ensure every item and every detail is perfect!
We usually ship via UPS or FedEx fastest mode directly to your door! We also provide rush shipping, if you need urgent shipping service is also available.

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