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Custom Mesh Face Boxer Shorts by EverLighten

Custom Mesh Face Boxer Shorts

$28.99 each

Custom mesh face boxer shorts are gag gifts that will definitely make your loved one laugh.

  • Super high-end material:  We only use premier polyester to make the custom boxer extra soft and smooth!
  • Personalized design just for you:  Our boxer shorts designers will first create a personalized design artwork for your approval before proceeding with production!
  • Production time: 2-3 business days
  • Standard shipping:  8-10 business days ($2.99); if over $60, no standard shipping fee!
  • First-class shipping:  1-3 business days ($19.9); if over $120, no first-class shipping fee!
custom boxer short

EverLighten’s directly owned boxer shorts factory has world-class technicians and machinery, a state-of-the-art facility, a focus on social responsibility and sustainability, and complete premier product service offerings—all at competitive pricing.

custom boxer shorts factory

[Our Boxer Shorts Production Room]

One of the many great things about EverLighten is that we have no minimum order quantity. That means you can place your order with us only when you get a sale. No more old stock, no more old products, and more importantly no wasted money – no minimum is a winner for everyone.
We only make high-quality boxer shorts! We only use premier material (such as milk fabric and ice silk fabric), and we inspect every boxer short before shipping to ensure everything is perfect.
We strive to provide the fastest turnaround time in the industry!
1. Our sample time is only 2-3 calendar days
2. Average production time is only 7-10 calendar days
3. Shipping time is only 1-2 calendar days
Our process of designing custom boxer shorts is fast and painless! Our boxer shorter expert will be there every step of the way!
Step-1: Snap A Photo - Take a candid, or find a pic on social media.
Step-2: Upload Photo - Choose your theme, size and the style.
Step-3: We Produce - Our design team produces your order.
Step-4: Enjoy Everyday - Rock the coolest custom boxer shorts in town!
We ensure every boxer short you receive is perfect. Thus, we enforce a very strict quality control standard and process. We inspect every item during and after production.
We only use high-quality material and silk fabric to make the custom boxer extra soft and smooth! No matter what material we are using, we only use the best quality of that material.
We do precise customization! From material, style, and size to color, we can fully customize boxer shorts for you!
Absolutely! We make hangtags and backer cards for tons of customers!
If you are dissatisfied with our boxer shorts, please let us know what went wrong. We will refund the money back to you within 1 business day!
We'll Do the Work. Get your items where you want, whether that's to one place or multiple addresses. No more manually opening, organizing, repackaging, and emailing. Collect your addresses, or let us do it for you. We'll take care of the rest.

All You Need Is An Idea!

Our experienced product experts are here for you to do the rest!