Quality Test socks



At EverLighten, quality counts the most. So, we use the best materials, enforce the highest quality testing standards and inspect every single pair of socks before shipping to ensure every single pair and every detail is perfect!


We wash socks 5 times to conduct pilling test to ensure socks we make is not easily pilling.

Color fastness

We also conduct color fastness tests to prevent socks we make fading and staining.


We use the stretch testing machine to test socks’ stretch and fitting to ensure socks meet our standard for stretch and recovery.

Comfort test

We only use the best class material (e.g. best cotton - combed cotton) to make socks extra soft and smooth. All of our customers are super pleased with the comfort of our socks.

Abrasion resistance

We place strict abrasion test to ensure socks we make are super durable and not easily worn out.