Customization points of hang tags at EverLighten

Customization Point - Packaging & Labels - Hang Tags


We can customize every part of the hang tag for you:

  • Materials: coated paper/uncoated paper/kraft paper/PVC vinyl/transparent TPU/more as needed
  • Thickness: any thickness
  • Design: any design
  • Size: any size
  • Lamination: various options
  • Cut shape: various options
  • String type: various options
  • String length: any length
  • String color: any color
  • Eyelets: various options
  • Tying assembly: various options
  • More customization options available

 Free shipping

    Free setup & design Free sample
  • Free unlimited edits
  • Any shape or size
  • Above price list is for standard configuration: coated or uncoated paper or kraft paper + any point from 14 -30 + eyelet + string
  • Special options such as transparent TPU material, custom thickness, lamination, and string attachment are also available. Please send a quote to us.