We are able to make a truly custom medal for you:
  • Style: die struck/soft enamel/hard enamel/offset printing with thin epoxy coating/offset printing with thick epoxy dome/more as needed
  • Metal color finishing: shiny gold/shiny silver/shiny brass/antique gold/antique silver/satin gold/more as needed
  • Metal back options: textured sand blasting/glossy/embossed/debossed logo/fine sand blasting
  • Ribbon: various options as needed
  • Upgrades: 3D mold/glitter enamel/glow-in-the-dark enamel/rhinestones/thick epoxy dome/translucent enamel/stained glass effect/fine sandblasting/more as needed
  • Size: any size
  • Color: unlimited number of colors
  • More customization points available