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Custom Leather Patches

Starting from $1.62 each

Custom leather patches are used widely for business and companies to elevate their products, adding the look and feel of quality in a natural way.

A leather patch adds high-quality flair to every item they are attached to from jackets, jeans to bags.  Create one that is unique to you or your organizations.

  • No minimum order quantity
  • Factory-direct price: starting at $2.79 each for 300 pieces (3 inches)
  • Normal turnaround time: 7-12 days (fastest in the market)
  • Quality: premier retail quality
  • Design: free
  • Shipping: free
  • Sample: free

          EverLighten 100% owns a premier manufacturer of custom patches. From design to production, we control every aspect of your custom patch's creation to ensure top quality and fine detail.


          Custom Leather Patches


                Premiere material, eco-friendly,
                various options, washable


                Different types of borders
                available, very fine borders


                Customized fine color, stable


                Jeans, bags, hats, pants,
                jackets, backpacks, etc.

                Size 2 inches 3 inches 1.5 inches
                Base Material Faux Leather Faux Leather Real Leather
                Backing Adhesive No Backing No Backing
                Use Case On hats or T-shirts to better express yourself!
                Regular Lead Time Sample 3 days, Production 10 days, Shipping 3 days
                Special Price at 200 pcs $1.75 $1.99 $2.14

                100% Customization


                Any size from
                0.5 inch to 10 inches







                Cut to Shape

                Base Material

                Real Leather

                Trutouch Faux Leather

                Faux Leather

                Faux Suede

                PU Leather

                Paper Leather


                No Backing


                Velcro Hook / Loop



                More options
                available if needed


                Screen Printing

                Debossed Design

                Debossed Design with Burn Effect


                More options
                available if needed

                Unit Price For Faux Leather Patch (If Real Leather, Add Extra $0.49 Per Unit)

                Size 50pcs 100pcs 200pcs 300pcs 500pcs 1000pcs 5000pcs 10000pcs
                2 inches $4.86 $3.28 $2.92 $1.52 $2.23 $2.05 $1.81 $1.62
                3 inches $5.52 $3.63 $3.31 $2.79 $2.75 $2.39 $2.15 $1.92
                4 inches $6.19 $4.22 $3.70 $3.41 $3.15 $2.72 $2.48 $2.21
                6 inches $10.65 $7.82 $5.01 $4.58 $3.96 $3.38 $3.13 $2.79
                8 inches $15.06 $9.26 $8.93 $7.95 $5.18 $4.19 $3.73 $3.29
                10 inches $19.18 $10.53 $10.18 $9.78 $9.17 $6.79 $4.28 $4.24

                * Free shipping

                * Free setup & design
* Free sample

                * Free unlimited edits

                * Any shape or size

                * Above price list is for standard configuration: no backing + debossed design.

                Special options such as iron-on backing, screen printing, embroidered details and many more customized options is also available. Just request a quote to us!

                One of the many great things about EverLighten is that we have no minimum order quantity. That means you can place your order with us only when you get a sale. No more old stock, no more old products and more importantly no wasted money – no minimum is a winner for everyone.
                We only make high quality patches! We inspect every single patch before shipping to ensure everything is perfect.
                We strive to provide the fastest turnaround time in the industry!
                1. Our sample time is about 7 calendar days
                2. Average production the is only 10-12 calendar days
                3. shipping time is only 1-2 calendar days
                We are factory so there is no middleman. So we are able to provide very competitive pricing for you. For the pricing list, please submit a quote to get exact price! We are factory so there is no middleman. So we are able to provide very competitive pricing for you. Please request a quote to get the exact price today!
                Our process of designing custom patches is fast and painless! Our patch expert will be there every step of the way!
                Step-1: Request a quote
                Step-2: Receive unlimited mockups and approve mockup
                Step-3: Receive unlimited samples and approve samples
                Step-4: Production completes and ships to you
                Absolutely! We first make a sample for your approval before proceeding with production. If there is anything that needs to changed or polished, we will help you revise the samples for unlimited times till you are fully satisfied with the sample.
                We ensure every single piece of patch you receive are perfect. Thus, we enforce a very strict quality control standard and process. We inspect every single piece of patch during and after production.
                We do precise customization! From material, style to size, we can fully customize patches for you!
                Absolutely! We make hangtags and backer cards for tons of customers!
                If you are not satisfied with our patches, please let us know where goes wrong and we will refund money back to you within 1 business day!